Samaya is a friendly personal dashboard featuring Nepali calendar, daily Nepali quotes & Nepali wallpapers.

Gokyo Lake, Khumjung, Nepal

Chinh Le Duc | Unsplash

Why "Samaya"

Samaya is a hobby project developed as an alternative for Momentum, as a more familiar(native) version. Nepali calendar, nepali quotes, nepali wallpapers; looking at native stuffs on a piece of tech you use daily, gives a different kind of satisfaction.

Contribution guide

Excited to hear that you are interested in contributing to this project!

Contribute to code

  • Samaya is an open source project. The extension is built with Vuejs(2) & SCSS. Please refer to Github repo for more technical details.
  • Wallpapers are fetched from Unsplash API . Extension is built to load relevant images from a set of Unsplash collections, defined in settings.
  • Random Nepali quotes are loaded daily from Samaya Quotes API. Please refer to its documentation for more details or check the dedicated contribution guide.

Any kind of suggestions from technical perspective are highly welcome.

Supporting Materials

  • Do you have passion for collecting Nepali Quotes? This project needs your help to deliver daily inspirational quotes to its users.
  • This project is always in search of HD Nepali landscape wallpapers. If you have relevant photographs on Unsplash, or it can be published there, please contact us.
  • Bug reports, changes to existing features, addition of new features etc. are always welcome.

To contribute for supporting materials, please contact the developer

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